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Corporate Structure

Our roots as a business dated from 1990. We first adopted the name Cyber-dynamics Inc in 1999 when the technology supply services of TSI, a British corporation, were reorganized and given their own unique identity.

The Cyber-dynamics Group is organized for maximum tax and operational efficiency. Cyber-dynamics International Inc, a BVI international business corporation is at the head of the Group, while research and development is conducted by Cyber-dynamics Inc. See investor relations for more details about how we run the Group.

The Cyber-dynamics International Group complies with international best practice for corporate governance and its Board of Directors and Board Committees are made up of executive and non-executive (outside) directors to provide balance and impartiality, both at the Group level and for individual companies in the Group.

We have a global network of systems and support, with high power Internet servers in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. We provide customer support globally, with access points in the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and Manila – and new locations planned. Our Research and Development Center in Manila helps make us a dynamic and innovative company and gives us access to some of the best software developers in the industry. By taking advantage of a generally low-cost base and economies of scale, we are able to offer advanced technology solutions at relatively low cost.

About us
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