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Key People

We consider that our most important assets are our employees. We try to treat them all as family, rewarding loyalty and performance. We hope that we stay together for a long time. Moreover, we take care to try to recruit only those professionals whom we believe will contribute to the cohesiveness and well being of the Cyber-dynamics family as a whole.

Our employees and associates bring a wide range of expertise and experience covering most aspects of information technology and business. We have people of many nationalities and we speak your language – be it technical or business.

Indeed, we may appear to be a technology group, but out people bring a much wider range of skills and experience. We have designers & artists, software developers, web developers, copywriters & editors, marketing specialists and business consultants. As we have said before, our aim is to provide business solutions first, appropriate technology second.

The Group Managing Director, Richard Stutely, is highly regarded. Formerly executive vice-president of a banking software company, and before that an investment banker and an executive at the UK Finance Ministry, he is also an internationally best selling author of business books including The Definitive Business Plan and Managing the Numbers, both published by the Financial Times Prentice Hall. Under his guidance the Group has shown steady growth, even during difficult periods in the global economy.

About us
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