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Environment, Health & Safety

The Cyber-dynamics Group is committed to promoting the well-being of our employees, business partners and clients through safe working practices, protecting the environment, and contributing to the economic vitality of the communities in which we operate.

All employees and contractors are required to work safely and ensure that environmental health and safety requirements are integrated into their daily work activities, projects and programs. We:

  • Provide employees and contractors with a safe workplace by identifying and eliminating the causes of occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Support sustainable economic growth and minimize impact to the environment by reducing emissions to the air, land, and water through process improvements and responsible operating practices.
  • Develop safe and efficient products and manufacturing processes by integrating environmental, health and safety considerations into all aspects of research, design, and development.
  • Implement management systems to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations and internal standards.
  • Support the communities in which we operate through sponsorship of educational, social, environmental, health-related, and other worthy causes.

We train our staff to be aware of workplace hazards, and we apply ergonomic principles and standards to help minimize incidents stemming from workplace configuration or repetitive motion. As a result, our incident rate is almost zero.

We manage our operations to minimize our environmental impact. We support resource management through recycling and minimization of water use, energy consumption, and hazardous waste. We actively manage electronic and paper waste. Our policy is to re-use, if possible, all electronic equipment, including computers, monitors, printers, test equipment, consumables, etc. When this is not possible, the waste is disassembled to separate reusable parts, which are then recycled.

We maintain management systems, standard operating procedures, and audit and control functions to ensure that key functional areas reflect responsible, sustainable, and appropriate business practices and standards.

Investor Relations
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