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Shareholder Value

Cyber-dynamics owes its continuing strong growth to several groups of people, especially our clients, employees, business partners and shareholders. Of course, these groups are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

We regard our clients as our motivation and treat them with the greatest respect. We place emphasis on being responsive to their needs, and completing all projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards. In doing so, we aim to exceed expectations.

We place the highest value on our employees and aim to provide an excellent, equal opportunities workplace where our employees can develop their personal knowledge while enjoying a high degree of job satisfaction.

We thank our esteemed business partners for their continuing support and for the opportunity to work in partnership so that together we can create more than the sum of our individual contributions.

We recognize that none of this would be possible without our shareholders, who provide our working capital and help to finance our expansion.

Accordingly, our overriding goal is to create consistent sustainable growth in the company and in our corporate return on investment (ROI). We view all investment decisions in the light of this goal. We implement only those investment opportunities which we judge will improve our overall ROI. In this way, we care constantly striving create long terms growth in shareholder value.

Moreover, our aim is to obtain a public listing on a recognized international stock exchange, which will create a larger market in our shares and enable our loyal and valued shareholders to realize their own return on investment.

Investor Relations
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